A faster way to get a Sweetpea.

There is just some desire that you can’t ignore. You feel it. You need it. It keeps you up at night.

The Sweetpea LUST Line is a different type of bike. Designed around years of studying and perfecting women’s fit, we bring you a bike that is handbuilt, and delivered in months not years. These Sweetpeas are unique designs intelligently crafted to be more awesome than anything you’ll find at your local bike shop. Available at any time as a standard size or completely custom design.

- Video

sweetpea bicycles from daniel sharp on Vimeo.

Created for Nau, this video features Natalie Ramsland of Sweetpea Bicycles (Portland, OR) and interview with Jonathan Maus of Video directed by Daniel Sharp, filmed by David McMurry, edited by Alden Morgan.