Steel, leather, wood.
This is it. You’ve done your time out in the world, and now you are ready for the big commitment. You have told your friends, you have told your parents, this is LOVE.

The Sweetpea Bicycles Love Edition is fully custom. From the fit, to the design, to the color and components, this bike is built to be the perfect match to your life and the way you want to ride. Wait times are around three years. Place your deposit. Save the date.

Getting a custom bike is an intimate thing.  Because of the wait, the design process, and the decisions along the way, every bike becomes incredibly personal.  Each decision has a reason.  Each element has a story. But the thing that really sets a custom Sweetpea apart from other bikes is something you can’t actually see. It’s the design – buried deep in millimeters and angles. Alone those numbers don’t mean much, but when you pair it with the person it is intended for, then the bike really sings.

Get Your Sweetpea

How do you get a LOVE line bike? Let me count the ways:

  1. Give us a call, place your deposit. This secures your place in line.
  2. Get Fit. There are two great ways to do this:
    • Come to Portland! Really. You have been needing to get away from it all, and this is the perfect excuse. We arrange the fit, get to talk face to face, and you get to see why Portland is so great for cycling. And wine. And coffee. And art. Etc.
    • Let us help you find a good fitter. There are lots of them out there, and while we would love to meet you, we know this won’t work for everyone.
  3. Practice Zen-like Calm and Patience. (We build these one at a time, and the wait list these days is around three years.)
    • Om – think about color.
    • Om – think about parts.
    • Om – ask us questions.
  4. Call us or email us when you have questions.

So here is the deal. You are getting a bike that takes its design from you. No two bikes are the same, and each bike is built by hand and built in order. This takes some time, and it is worth the wait. You are so patient.

The prices are as such:

Complete bikes start at around $4500.

Frame: $2500

Custom Fork: $300

We build one bike at a time; therefore we require a deposit of $500 to secure your place in line, the remainder when the bike is delivered. This deposit is non-refundable.

Component prices based entirely on what you choose. (We will need to figure out exactly what you are going to need, and what would work best considering the bike fit.)

The fine print:

Extra stuff costs extra.

S&S Couplers: $600

Complete the form below to get the ball rolling.

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