Fit + Design

The relationship between a body and a bike is not encoded in millimeters and angles but rather, it is played out through movement. Understanding that relationship between body and bike requires the right tools, the right experience, and a deep understanding of how bodies and bikes work together.

The Sweetpea Fit Studio at Gladys Bikes in Portland, Oregon offers fitting and design services to anyone who loves to ride, whether you are a woman or a man, a commuter or a racer, getting a custom bike or improving on your current bike. Make your appointment by calling Gladys at (971) 373-8388 or online here.

Fit Services Menu

Comfort Fit – $50

For this budget fit we’ll talk a bit about your riding habits and physical condition and then put you and your bike up on the trainer to adjust your seat and handlebar position and make additional recommendations to achieve maximum comfort. (45 minutes)

Basic Fit – $100

This full body fit includes a consultation about your riding habits and physical condition followed by a complete analysis and adjustment of your bicycle, including:  seat fore/aft, seat post height, stem length and height, and handlebar width and placement. (1.5 hours)

Cleat Fit – $100

This foot-focused fit includes a consultation about your riding habits and physical condition and a thorough analysis of your feet and legs while clipped in to ensure proper cleat placement to ensure your joints and muscles are safe and effective while pedaling. (1.5 hours)

Complete Fit – $150

This comprehensive fit includes everything in the Basic Fit, plus a full analysis and adjustment of cleat placement. (2.5 hours)

Custom Fit – $250

The custom fit is designed for people who are getting a custom bicycle frame built or want an in-depth analysis of what new stock bicycles will best fit their body. We do a comprehensive interview and physical assessment and then put you on our size cycle to do a complete analysis of your body in order to make recommendations about frame geometry and measurements for a bike that will fit your body perfectly. The fitting includes a final fitting to make sure the position on your new bike is just as wonderful as we intended. (3 hours)