Awesome changes to the LUST line.

When we introduced the LUST line of bikes almost a year ago, we set out to do a few important things. OK. One thing:

We wanted to make it easy as possible to get one of our bikes.

The way we smartly did this was that we distilled what we knew about bike design an boiled it into three sizes, three colors, and three parts options. We also bunched the orders in sets of 20 to make the process easier for us and our build partners.

It totally worked.

But it wasn’t exactly what you wanted.
And to be honest, it wasn’t what we wanted either.

What we found out over and over again was that while we had a lot of smart design thinking built into our sizes, a lot of you wanted the benefit of our custom design process. It was inescapable, you’d call up wanting a medium, but you had neck pain or knee pain that needed solving.

We heard you.

Today we are officially announcing that you can get any of our LUST line bikes, the Little Black Dress, the A-Line, and the BOOM BOOM in a completely custom design.


  • You can order it whenever you want.
  • You can pick your color.
  • You can get it in just 10 weeks.

All for just an extra $200. (Doesn’t include any fitting services.)

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