Live The Life You Already Love

I am still getting shit about the year when I resolved to do a one-armed push-up by the end of the year. My current push-ups can be generously called “modified” and solidly two-armed. The flaws in my plan were as obvious as they were commonplace: my lack of upper body strength and lack of any compelling reason to gain any.  The classic formula is to identify an area of perceived weakness, throw some will-power and discipline at it, and see if it makes you a better person.

Exercise more. Get up earlier. Go Twinkie-free in 2011. I’m a sucker for self-improvement and fresh starts, but this time we are going to take a more direct shot:

  • Find something that already brings you joy.
  • Focus on cultivating that one thing more often.
  • Repeat.

My first coup was the purchase of a 1.5 pint ice cream maker. Over the past year, I have developed a fierce love of coconut milk ice cream. The minimum effective dose is fairly benign – a pint a week. And it makes me ridiculously happy. But the extravagant cost of $6/pint was getting in the way of enjoying it unabashedly.  So, I carefully compared coconut ice cream recipes and methods. I conducted a comprehensive search for the ideal ice cream maker. I did the math. At a pint a week, my new cuisinart ice 20 will pay for itself in four months. BAM. Resolved!  By the end of the year, my return on investment will be measured by the creamy delicious bowlful.

What are you going to do to grab 2011 by the happies? Whether you find more opportunities to ride your bike or read more spy novels, I think that this year we have more to gain by proving to ourselves that we can follow through on living the lives we already love than we could ever gain by fussing over the weak spots.

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  1. Awesome, wonderful post. I’ll be thinking around this post all week.

  2. Does that mean you’re resolving to make ice cream weekly for four months? Let me know if you need any help on that one.

    Does your ice cream maker have two bowls? I recommend that. That way while you’re eating one batch (and remember your batch will be 2-3x as big as that $6 pint) you can have another bowl freezing, getting ready for the next week’s flavor.

  3. Traci

    ooh ~ is there a recipe to share? <3 me some coconut bliss

  4. Caroline, I’ve heard that having a second bowl waiting in the frosty wings is a good idea, too. I am going to ramp up my production slowly, but by all means, come eat it with me!

  5. Traci, the recipe I’m going to try first is this one:

    I don’t have the lavender that the recipe calls for, but it sounds amazing, doesn’t it? When I lived in San Francisco, I used to go to the Bombay Ice Creamery on Valencia street and enjoy cardamom ice cream, chai ice cream, rose water ice cream… I figure one of the perks of owning the means of production will be getting a bit exotic with the recipes.

  6. bob k.

    i don’t remember the proportions exactly
    but it was something like:

    1 c. coconut milk
    3/4 c. crunchy salted peanut butter
    enough sugar to make it good

    mix it up and put it in the thing

    so good

  7. irm

    What am I going to do to grab 2011 by the happies? Watch
    more live music. It’s exercise for the soul.

  8. Crunchy salted peanut butter? I’m sold!

  9. Ian, that sounds fantastic. I have recently rediscovered the pleasure of simply listening to music while doing nothing else. Why should that be so novel? It is. Somehow, over the last decade, I’ve listened to music mostly while working, running, cooking dinner, etc. When I sit down and just listen, it becomes entirely richer and more interesting. Perhaps I am channeling the spirit of my Great Uncle Chuck, who could sit in stillness listening to one classical music record after the other, but with Johnny Cash rather than Brahms.

  10. wow, I gotta try this. Thanks for the tip Natalie. I am a recent convert to Coconut bliss and we have a cuisinart ice cream maker already. So, off we go.

  11. i love coconut bliss, i wouldn’t have it any other way other than it’s cheaper and more available.

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