Sweetpea Holiday Sale

Well, kind of.  

January 1st we are going to be raising our custom frame prices to $2000 from the $1800 that they are today. So if you want to save $200, then you have until the end of December to put down your deposit. Lead times are around a year and a half, and you can get in line here.

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  1. Get it while you can! a year and half ago my fiancee and I were in Portland and were considering getting a touring/brevet gig for her. A the time the cost was more like $1400. My fiancee sometimes wonders if she should have got in line then. I have been looking at Natalie’s builds and they are beautiful! She will only get more popular and $1800 for a custom build is a good deal for sure.

  2. Lynne

    I’m like, SO HAPPY to already be in line :-)

  3. Thanks for the comment Franklyn! I have a feeling that the line is going to get longer, not shorter.

    And Lynne. We are SO HAPPY that you are in line too! Yours is going to be one awesome bike.

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  5. JJ

    And I’m so happy that I’m finally at the front of the line!!!

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