Sweetpea Bicycles: A Primer

With all the news, activity, and general awesomeness going on, we felt it right to give a little primer to those of you who might be hearing about us for the first time. First off, welcome to Sweetpea Bicycles.

We specialize in building bikes for the ladies, bikes that fit.
While most folks take measurements and plug numbers into a formula, we try as often as possible to do a real fitting – to see the rider in motion. There is a lot of experience, miles, and muscle memory that you need to work into the mix, and we think this is the best way of dialing things in. We have strong feelings about this. And we have one of the best fitters in the country.

We have one incredible bike builder.
Her name is Natalie, and she is one of only a handful of women bike builders in North America. With a background in architectural design and six years as a professional rider (cough, bike messenger), Natalie has been designing and building bikes for the last two years.

Our bikes start at around $3000 complete.
You are probably thinking one of two things: OMG, that is so expensive, or, OMG that is so cheap. We know. These beauties are built by hand, one at a time, and come out looking hot. They are made out of steel, and are designed to last a very long time. You get to pick your color. Prices vary based on parts and accessories.

We do not believe that you need credentials to buy a custom bike.
If you love to ride, that is all you need.

Our wait list is hovering around a year.
And we expect it to continue to grow. For those of you who are on the fence, now is probably the time. To get in line, we require a $500 deposit. Note: If we do not have your deposit, then you are not in line.

We donate 1% of our sales to environmental causes.
Our bikes are built in Portland, Oregon, but they are sourced from all over the world. Even though we are still small, we feel that there is no time like now for making a difference.

We keep some eye candy on the internets.
And pictures of our dog. To all of our Flickr buddies: Peace.

This is our most stolen picture.

You can see it here online 24 hours a day.

And yes. We know. The website needs work.

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  1. Sara

    Hey guys, it was great to meet both of you at NAHBS and see your purty cycles. Will be in touch soon about the Bicycle Paper article — cheers! -SC

  2. Thanks Sara! More pics to come.

  3. hey

    just wanted to say that i’m not surprised about the pic, that is one beautiful ride… loving your work!

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