Introducing the Farmers Market™

What do you call a bike that has the soul of a pickup truck?  More than simply a commuter.  Part time touring bike, part time road bike.  Meant for gettin’ shit done, lugging around veggies, and havin’ a few beers with the girls on the weekends.  We are calling it the Farmers Market.

This specific bike was also designed to handle bike moves, critical mass, and all manners of fun while living car free.  The color was chosen to look even better with a few well-earned (inevitable) scuffs in the paint.

The Ahearne racks, won at the BTA’s Alice B. Toeclips silent auction, were custom fit to the bike.  The bike, of course, custom fit to the woman.

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  1. cecil

    Yet another awesome bike from an awesome builder :-)

  2. Love the name. (And the bike, of course!)
    Good on ‘ye Sweetpea!

  3. Thanks! I had a great time “test riding” it in the sunshine before handing it off.

  4. Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus)

    E.B. Rode this bike to the Alberta street fair today, and lots of people noticed it, and stopped to look at it closely. I bikepooled back to SE, and it looked like it handled supurbly. I’m totally jealous.

    Oh, and hi Natalie. I met you on Sunday at the Film Festival party. I was the one who asked if anyone had ever built a tall bike from scratch instead of from old frames.

  5. Josie

    Eureka! I now know what I want for my unbirthday.

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