The Farmers Market™


When we originally designed the Farmers Market, we said it was a part time touring bike, part time road bike. Meant for gettin’ shit done, lugging around veggies, and having a few beers with the girls on the weekends. This bike does that, but also takes it a step further making it even easier to leave the car at home. Available in just 10 weeks in a standard size or a completely custom design.

In designing the Farmers Market, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to own and use for daily transportation for as many people as possible. And we wanted to source as many parts from American companies as we could, including many within a few miles of our shop.

The result is an honest bike that can be a daily commuter that can effortlessly handle a trip to the grocery store on the way home. A bike that is designed to be ridden with normal clothes without special gear. A bike that you can grab as easily as grabbing the keys to your car.

Get Your Farmer’s Market
We offer the Farmers Market in our standard S, M, L, but most people go the custom design route. Get a fitting done (or come visit us in Portland!), and we will design a frame that fits you beautifully.

We are proud to offer the Farmers Market with the following loveliness:

Portland Design Works grips
Wheel options by Sugar Wheelworks
MAP/Ahearne handlebars
Thompson seatpost and stem
Paragon dropouts