Sweetpea Bicycles was born from the idea that a bike can love you back.

We also believe:

  • Design is the most important thing we do. The bike has to fit your body above all else.
  • A bike has to be beautiful and it has to perform. You cannot compromise one for the other.
  • A bike should last a really long time.
  • Cycling can be beautiful, terrible, transcendent. It can change your life.
  • Cycling should fit elegantly and seamlessly into your life.
  • It should be easy to get the right bike.

Sweetpea Bicycles was founded in 2005 by  Natalie and Austin Ramsland.

Natalie went to grad school for architectural design and spent six years as a bike messenger in Portland, but decided in the end that the most important degree she could get would be from the United Bicycle Institute. She spent years studying bike fit under Michael Sylvester, co-founder of the Serotta fit program before starting her own fitting practice.

Natalie brings a rare combination of both fit and framebuilding experience to her work, building on the relationship between women and their bikes.